I have a small exhibition opening at the Naze Tower, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex on June 22nd. Titled Prospect, it is a joint exhibition with painter Jane Frederick, looking at aspects of the relationship of the Tower to the surrounding landscape.


We are producing a small brochure to accompany the exhibition designed by Noah Carter Studio. The following is my text from the brochure:

My usual way of working is to walk in the landscape and to see what presents itself. Since the Spring I have been making drawings from the Naze Tower, 26 metres above the landscape. You can see 20 miles along the coast, everything mapped out below, but the viewpoint is very much static and you have to accept what is there before and beneath you. The real sensation of the view is that exhilarating sense of vertigo and flight that high places induce; of visually launching out into space, of seeing things in a bird-like way wheeling beneath you, being aware that the horizon is not only ahead but also at your side and behind you. Our usual assured sense of up and down, of ground and air is now held loosely as the landscape corresponds more to a carpet than a window.

I have emptied out the language of the paintings, making them less sure of themselves, disrupted and disorientated, allowing in a rush of air, an envelope of light.

The small postcard paintings started as direct transcriptions of the drawings I made from the Tower. The charcoal drawings were made in the studio figuring out issues in the small canvases.

photo by Noah Carter Studio

photo by Noah Carter Studio