28th February 2012. Looking through some old notebooks in the studio today; I came across these quotes which may or may not be connected…plus a recent quote from Alain de Botton.

Art Critic William Feaver writing in ‘Modern Painters’ in 1998:

‘Much art, at present, is touristique. Issues are raised, labelled like beauty spots, and itineraries are mapped. Art comes supplied with commentary, art that doesn’t take too long, art that employs irony as a fail-safe feature and that relies on prejudice rather than awareness. Painting is disadvantaged by such art assumptions. It is too meditative, too slow.’

Artist Emma Biggs writing about artist Gary Wragg, 2000:

‘He just doesn’t want to sign up to an ironic distance from his artistic language while he still believes in what he does.’

Artist Sean Scully interviewed in 1999:

‘Duchamp made it possible for people who couldn’t compete with the Van Gogh’s of this world, and the Matisse’s and the Brancusi’s, and the other great masters, he made it possible for them to be in the game as spoilers. Andy Warhol paraphrased this possibility in the 60’s and made it possible for people who understand the mechanisms of the media and the advertising world, and whose only ambition is to be famous, to do that…He made it possible for a whole generation, and many generations of artists who follow him, to be unburdened. To my mind it is the burden of art-making that is so interesting.’

Alain de Botton:

‘Being incomprehensible offers unparalleled protection against having nothing to say.’