31st January 2012.

Funny how a painting soon develops, seemingly under its own compulsion, in a direction other than what you had thought you intended.

I was working this morning on a couple of small pieces. They were a pale cerulean blue and drawn over with dark inky purple lines. A structure mapping out sunlight coming across the sea. They worked pretty well. I moved back to the larger canvas ready to transfer what I’d learnt from the small paintings; though I thought I’d just tweak the pale blue a little towards turquoise. This looked very good against a little suggestion of a dull buttery ochre at the foot of the canvas. That’s interesting. So I started drawing in that same colour rather than the intended inky purple. But it wasn’t strong enough. So, for some apparently random reason, I tried a red oxide colour loosely brushed over. Very interesting. I moved the pale turquoise a little towards green and then blocked in an area at the top of the canvas in a rich apply green. 

So before I knew much about it the painting was now about a red/green drawing over a pale green ground. I tried a little golden yellow but scraped it off…and maybe the green is too suggestive of landscape. I could always paint it all out a pale blue and begin again with a dark inky purple…or maybe a grey; now that might be interesting…