I think this painting and I might nearly have finished with each other. It has been a long haul. Above is how it was in mid July. I think things changing and things happening over time have become part of what the painting is but I have also tried to allow the painting to dictate its own direction. The final painting now looks like this. It is titled Midsummer:

I made some watercolours a few weeks ago to try to see what was going on in the painting. These helped simplify and clarify things.

I am now out drawing again seeing what other paths I might take. From these drawings I have been making pieces on paper looking at the buildings on a nearby quay and the boat sheds in a local yard. I have also been back to the saltings redrawing the creeks and sluices filling and emptying with the tides. In the past couple of days I have been drawing the paths and slopes of the concrete sea defences…